Ilford HP5+ 400

black & white Negative film


ILFORD HP5 PLUS is a high-speed, fine-grained, medium-contrast black-and-white film that is a great option for shooting in low-light conditions inside and in travel, sports, and action-related documentaries.

High-quality grain structure and broad tonal range for exceptional detail and depth.

Black and white photo of a laundromat taken on Ilford HP5+ film, showcasing a gritty and moody atmosphere with high contrast and fine grain.

Cost-effective all purpose film

This film offers high-quality images at a relatively low cost per frame. The cost-effectiveness of the film allows photographers of all skill levels to experiment and try out different techniques without breaking the bank.

High-contrast black and white photograph of a Porsche Targa captured on Ilford HP5+ film, featuring a sleek and timeless design with a classic and vintage feel.

Wide exposure latitude

Captures a wide range of tones and shades within a single image. This allows for greater depth and dimension in the final image, with highlights and shadows that are rich and detailed. It also produces accurate and consistent results, whether you are shooting in bright or low-light conditions.

Versatility in different lighting conditions

Produce shigh-quality images in a wide range of lighting situations, from bright sunlight to low-light environments. This versatility is due to the film's wide exposure latitude, which allows for a range of shutter speeds and apertures to be used without sacrificing image quality. This allows for more creative freedom and flexibility when shooting.

Black and white portrait of a girl captured on Ilford HP5+ film, showcasing a timeless and classic aesthetic with a soft and subtle grain.