Cinestill 800t

color negative Negative film


CINESTILL 800Tungsten is a one-of-a-kind color film designed specifically for still photographers. This tungsten balanced color negative film with an ISO 800 speed is based on the same high standard motion picture technology that is utilized by top cinematographers all over the world. This flexible film is excellent for usage in various lighting settings to produce a range of effects. It was designed for challenging low light tungsten scenarios.

Elevate your film photographs, and experience the stunning, cinematic look of this iconic film stock.

High Halation Effects

Exposures produce a high amount of blurred, glowing highlights from strong lights to add even more personality to your photographs.

Enhanced Scanning Performance

Emulsion has been formulated with modern scanning processes in mind to achieve great digital and print results.

Great for Low-Light Conditions

Designed for use in low and difficult lighting conditions revealing smooth tones in darks and stunning colors from lights.