CineStill 50D

color negative Negative film


The finest and sharpest grain color negative film in the world. An ISO 50/18° speed daylight balanced (5500K) color negative motion picture film stock for still photography.

This daylight-balanced emulsion delivers stunning color accuracy and fine grain, making it a top choice for photography.

High resolution color negative film

Capturing fine details and produce sharp, clear images. . The high resolution is achieved through the film's emulsion and its manufacturing process, which allow for the fine details in an image to be captured with great accuracy and clarity.

Wide exposure latitude

Can be exposed to a wide range of light levels without sacrificing image quality. This allows for a greater range of shutter speeds and apertures to be used. This allows for more room for error in terms of exposure, which can be useful for photographers who are still learning or who might be working in challenging conditions.

Produces images with vibrant colors

The film is able to capture the full spectrum of colors in a scene, from subtle hues to bold, saturated tones. This feature is particularly useful for capturing subjects that have a lot of color, such as nature, travel and lifestyle photography. The film's emulsion is specifically designed to capture accurate colors, which makes it a great option for photographers who want to produce images with a wide range of colors.